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Italy: Why do they say its ungovernable?

In the recent elections in Italy, the results show the appearance of a new movement called 5-stars that has been portrayed as a disaster. Having the key to majority in both houses, this movement has been quickly vilified into an unstable bunch

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Farmers: How far away are they?

Being a farmer is one of the least attractive job there is. Not necessarily because of the job itself but because of the fame that surrounds farmers and their way of life. This is ironic because even though it is

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End of the world: My wish

Although I respect the Mayan culture for what it brought in knowledge in terms of living with nature and not of it, and many other attributes, I find hilarious the free interpretation of some people that have led to term

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Constitutions: Where does the interest lay? What for?

Constitutions made by governments, whether at the foundation of a state or due to changes in types of government, to seal agreements and settle possible disputes are all instruments that we have learnt to admire and profess. Constitutions differ from

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