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Cyprus: Who is to blame?

Well there is either a little evil creature travelling throughout the world collapsing economies or there is a common practice of excesses and risky investments carried out by financial institutions around the world. I would tend to believe is the

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Nature: How it has and will shape civilisations

I recently read a very interesting book by Charles C. Mann named “1491” which exposes numerous new findings that shake the beliefs on pre-Columbian America. I have to say, that I thoroughly appreciated the book and it draws light on

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Clothes industry: What are you wearing?

What are you wearing now? Well, most probably what you chose from your closet this morning and last night. Making sure that it combines well, that it’s fashionable and even that it complements your mood. Now a question arises. To

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The European Union: what is behind it?

What is the European Union, apart from the most recent Nobel Peace Prize winner? If you ask most Spaniards on the street, you will find yourselves in front of a fervent europhile, praising the wonders and successes of the European

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