Countries: what are they?

Countries, states and/or nations that are deemed the best, are so because of the democratic principles they defend and portray.  But is it so?


Often, so-called democracies like to defend, at all cost, the notion that these states have the best (not perfect) political system available. However, democracy itself, created as a system in the 5th Century BC in Athens by the Ancient Greeks, already was a flawed system from its birth, since in Greek society neither women nor slaves were allowed to vote. Not very democratic.

And nowadays, to think that a 4-year (or longer) gap of time in the choice of a political leader in any level of government is sufficient, is ridiculous. Moreover, we elect people based on their electoral programme, from which we mostly agree (the least worst option, to be exact), but at no point are they obliged to follow that programme we elected them for. In brief, we trust upon someone who we think has similar ideas as us to do the job we expect him/her to do. And the worst that can happen to them is not getting re-elected for a second term. Thus democracy is a far shot, to call it the best political system available.

Who is glooming behind the neck of countries

Large interest groups have a permanent presence close to power. They don’t exert their right to choose someone every given period of time, they do this on a daily basis, at all levels of power, to make sure their interests are protected and profits increased. Do you have this sort of power over your leaders? I know I don’t.

How do politicians react over this?

But wait, elected leaders are free people with free will, only obliged to their electors. Not quite. Governments constantly take decisions to favour large multinationals, whether national or foreign, because these companies can create as well as destroy jobs, can fund opposition parties as well as yours, and can give you a cushy jobs after you retire from office. Being a politician is a tough business, you have to do a good job, appear well and then you loose your job. What does it hurt to insure one’s future?

These multinational lobbies work at all levels at all times, combining efforts to insure that all goes in their favour. And this is usually not in the same direction as the best interest of the general population.


So countries are nothing more than an arm of the multinational companies


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