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Offshoring: What is at stake?

With the case of Bangladesh workers deaths (over a thousand), where clothes for well known brands were being made still in our minds, the issue of offshoring is once more put forward. I spoke about the history of offshoring in

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Cyprus: Who is to blame?

Well there is either a little evil creature travelling throughout the world collapsing economies or there is a common practice of excesses and risky investments carried out by financial institutions around the world. I would tend to believe is the

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Italy: Why do they say its ungovernable?

In the recent elections in Italy, the results show the appearance of a new movement called 5-stars that has been portrayed as a disaster. Having the key to majority in both houses, this movement has been quickly vilified into an unstable bunch

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Spain: Builders, bankers and politicians: best friends always

News have come out today that the ruling Popular Party or PP in Spain had, at least during 18 years, a double accountancy system, to remunerate its leaders with some extra cash for their good job. This was done with

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Iceland rebels against paying its debt, and the EFTA tribunal agrees

Iceland won an important battle this week at the European Union level to avoid paying to foreign investors for the Icelandic bankruptcy of 2008. The Tribunal of the European Free Trade Association, resolved that no European law had been broken, and the

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Judicial system: Independent and just?

I have travelled quite a bit, and I don’t pretend to generalise over all judicial systems around the world, but I have seen a worrying tendency, it seems that the different judicial systems have a biased position over justice. And

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Homeownership: How necessary is it?

I would firstly like to say that I am a homeowner and I regret it. Right now I’m tied down by a mortgage, but luckily enough I have been able to manage it well enough that it doesn’t give me headaches. But

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Debt: How legitimate is it? Must we pay for it?

Debt is a curious concept. While it remains a taboo word in some countries like Germany, who suffered in the 20s and 30s of hyperinflation caused by the First World War debt repayments, and still remain subconsciously traumatised by it,  it is

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End of the world: My wish

Although I respect the Mayan culture for what it brought in knowledge in terms of living with nature and not of it, and many other attributes, I find hilarious the free interpretation of some people that have led to term

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Banks: The house always wins

Modern banking institutions have existed for the last 5 centuries in Europe. They were basically created in Europe for those people with large amounts of money/gold to keep it in a safe place. And soon it incorporated a lending function,

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