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Dutch court ruling against shell, a partial victory – From Friends of the Earth

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, January 30, 2013 “ Today a Dutch court ruled that Shell Nigeria is responsible for polluting farmlands in a landmark case brought by four Nigerian farmers and Friends of the Earth Netherlands. The court said Shell’s subsidiary is accountable

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Iceland rebels against paying its debt, and the EFTA tribunal agrees

Iceland won an important battle this week at the European Union level to avoid paying to foreign investors for the Icelandic bankruptcy of 2008. The Tribunal of the European Free Trade Association, resolved that no European law had been broken, and the

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Hunger: It just happens or is it provoked?

We usually only hear about places like Africa (which is a continent with tens of countries and thousands of ethnic groups, not a single unit) because of wars and famines. As if people in this continent were either killing each other or

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Clothes industry: What are you wearing?

What are you wearing now? Well, most probably what you chose from your closet this morning and last night. Making sure that it combines well, that it’s fashionable and even that it complements your mood. Now a question arises. To

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Judicial system: Independent and just?

I have travelled quite a bit, and I don’t pretend to generalise over all judicial systems around the world, but I have seen a worrying tendency, it seems that the different judicial systems have a biased position over justice. And

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Food Waste: How wasteful is it? Does it matter?

When I was a child, my parents use to always tell me: “Finish your food, because there are other children starving in the world”, and my thought always was: “Please, if you can transport this plate to wherever it is

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Homeownership: How necessary is it?

I would firstly like to say that I am a homeowner and I regret it. Right now I’m tied down by a mortgage, but luckily enough I have been able to manage it well enough that it doesn’t give me headaches. But

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Democracy: Is this the best we can do?

I have met several people that have argued that the only alternative to democracy is a dictatorship. This sort of narrow-minded view has been fed to us through our education system and through the media, which makes it very difficult

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The European Union: what is behind it?

What is the European Union, apart from the most recent Nobel Peace Prize winner? If you ask most Spaniards on the street, you will find yourselves in front of a fervent europhile, praising the wonders and successes of the European

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