End of the world: My wish

Although I respect the Mayan culture for what it brought in knowledge in terms of living with nature and not of it, and many other attributes, I find hilarious the free interpretation of some people that have led to term this Friday the end of the world. It is more of a change of cycle, from a dark period to a period of light.

So my wishes for this change of cycle are:

– Large multinational companies, disappear, vanish. And instead smaller more localised businesses appear.

– Corrupt states and stagnating democracies transform themselves into real democracies, with full-on participation from the population in a comprehensive re-thinking of the way we take decisions and plan our lives.

– Cars evaporate, we all use local transport and this one develops into a system that allows us all to move freely.

– Large monoculture suddenly become smaller diverse local productions that satisfy local markets. Large fisheries industries sink into the sea, and only local sustainable fishing boats remain.

– Women are treated the same as men, and we stop with this misogynistic society.

– Money returns to its original purpose, for the exchange of goods and services at the local level.

– Weapons turn into vegetables

and all this happening with no-one dying, no natural disasters or apocalyptic events.

Fingers crossed.

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One comment on “End of the world: My wish
  1. magentalemon says:

    Oh, nothing happened. Patience then.

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