What is wrong with this world?

What is wrong with this world?

Firstly, there are as many answers as people in this world. A savy banker in London and a Somali woman in a refugee camp in Ethiopia will never say the same, but most people would turn to the first for an opinion rather than the second.

Now a Somali woman would probably coincide with a fisherman in Vietnam, a young amazonian woman in Brasil and a Lingala trader in the Congo.

Yet the banker would still be recognised as having the right answer.

But the right answer is that the truth lays in all of us, that people in what the banker calls periferial areas have a better truth, and that finally what is wrong with this world is that we inhabit it and that a tiny minority (the banker) has managed to make a part of the population become the problem (us) and trying to involve the rest into the problem (read the four people mentionned above).

What’s wrong with this world is that the people with power have convinced those that can remove them from power that things are just as they are and no deviation is possible, wilst they abuse the rest of the world than cannot remove them from power.

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