The lack of education of politicians

Summer is here, and with it children finish school and return to their homes. And like every year we face the challenge of what to do with them, where to put them, shall we send them with their grandparents, etc. .. But this summer it’s a little bit different, if in recent years the economic situation has been complicated, and more and more families are in unemployment, finding it more and more difficult to meet basic needs, including feeding their kids. And Summer meant a bad period for these families, since school represented the main, if not the only meal, for a large percentage of children in Spain. But not only does this drama worsen year by year, now on top of it we must add to this two other issues that only worsen the situation for the next school year, and make us parents think that perhaps kids are actually better off out of school all together.
Education Minister Ignacio Wert / Agencia EFE
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Why did King Juan Carlos abdicate?

Several things have happened in recent weeks that could explain the surprising step taken by King Juan Carlos of Spain on Monday to appear before the television cameras to announce his abdication as King of Spain. I say surprising, because it is very peculiar that a person who fought so hard to achieve this position (I recommend reading a called book “Un Rey. Golpe a golpe” by Patricia Sverlo, book forbidden in Spain which can only be found on the Internet, albeit only in Spanish) has now left it so quickly and easily, when he had it for life. So somehow there must have been a much a higher interest at stake to make this “sacrifice” necessary.

The Royal Family
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Something is brewing in Spain. The Dignity Marches

Four days ago took place in Madrid one of the most amazing gatherings ever to take place in the last decade in the country. It can be qualified with such an adjective simply because of the way it was organized, the way in which it grew and the proportions in took. This gives food for thought that something is really brewing in Spain, that the seed of discontent is present in the masses and that no symbol, sign nor acronym will dare claim to represent them.

Madrid, 22nd March 2013

Madrid, 22nd March 2013

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Offshoring: What is at stake?

With the case of Bangladesh workers deaths (over a thousand), where clothes for well known brands were being made still in our minds, the issue of offshoring is once more put forward. I spoke about the history of offshoring in the clothes industry on a previous entry,  but here I want to generalise on the issue itself, what is at stake in offshoring, what is at stake, who is responsible.


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Cyprus: Who is to blame?

Well there is either a little evil creature travelling throughout the world collapsing economies or there is a common practice of excesses and risky investments carried out by financial institutions around the world. I would tend to believe is the first one because it would be hard to believe that our freely elected politicians would have allowed these excesses to happen. So what has this little evil creature done now? What has happened in Cyprus?

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Nature: How it has and will shape civilisations

I recently read a very interesting book by Charles C. Mann named “1491” which exposes numerous new findings that shake the beliefs on pre-Columbian America. I have to say, that I thoroughly appreciated the book and it draws light on a belief that I have had for a long-time. We are all quite alike in our evolution, growth in knowledge and interaction with nature. That it is only of recent, that disparities have arisen.

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Italy: Why do they say its ungovernable?

In the recent elections in Italy, the results show the appearance of a new movement called 5-stars that has been portrayed as a disaster. Having the key to majority in both houses, this movement has been quickly vilified into an unstable bunch of populists with no real agenda behind. As if, ironically, this was a rare event in Italy rather than a common political strategy by both right and left.

But how dodgy is this movement and how ungovernable is Italy? And if this is not so, why is the international media portraying it as such?

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Education: What, how and where.

If there is anything I must be grateful to my parents, is their commitment that I get a good education, that I have enough knowledge, the capacity to analyse issues and the instinct to formulate opinions and answers based on the latter. However, what one fails to see as a student as a child, one sees in adulthood, especially when its one’s own children enter the system, is the type of education one gets.

I can now reflect upon my education. The values that were taught to me, I now partly agree and partly disagree, but at least through my education I was able to create a critical mind, to challenge the means that gave that to me.

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Farmers: How far away are they?

Being a farmer is one of the least attractive job there is. Not necessarily because of the job itself but because of the fame that surrounds farmers and their way of life. This is ironic because even though it is often vilified it actually is an essential profession, that is made harder by the world around them, rather than their lifestyle.

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Spain: Builders, bankers and politicians: best friends always

News have come out today that the ruling Popular Party or PP in Spain had, at least during 18 years, a double accountancy system, to remunerate its leaders with some extra cash for their good job. This was done with money inside envelopes and avoiding the inconvenience of paying taxes on this income. Moreover this money came mostly from the large construction companies in large amounts, with no questions asked.

In the meantime, these large construction companies and banks benefited for many years from the state policies that promoted the construction boom that crashed in 2007.

Can you see perhaps a possible link? Let us look at how this worked.

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